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Intelligent Instrumentation, Inc., announces centrally managed biometrics now available with leading time management solution

TUCSON, AZ December 2, 2010. Intelligent Instrumentation, Inc. (III) announced today the completion of a hardware and software solution with Time Gathering System's TGS/400 and VSSA Biometric Strong User Authentication to allow for remote fingerprint verification on central, secure IBM iSeries servers. With a single user enrollment anywhere on the enterprise, an employee can clock in and out from III's LANpoint Time Clock equipped with award-winning SecuGen biometric sensors. Fingerprint authentication occurs on a central iSeries server.

Biometric time management systems are widely used to eliminate the practice of unauthorized clock-in, or "buddy punching'. The LANpoint Time Clock along with TGS/400 system enabled with VSSA adds the benefits of secure, centrally managed employee credentials and a virtually unlimited user capacity. The solution protects personal privacy through use of secure biometric minutiae technology that never stores a fingerprint image and cannot be used to recreate a fingerprint image.

User biometric credentials are securely stored and matched by VSSA at a secure server, which also hosts TGS/400. A complete, centralized audit trail is created of each transaction which is readily available for regulatory and compliance needs. TGS/400 features seamless integration with Infinium Payroll Masterfiles and other leading payroll accounting packages. Customers may extend use of their VSSA biometric credentials to network logons and applications with the optional VSSA API Toolkit.

For additional information, contact Intelligent Instrumentation, Inc.; 3000 E. Valencia Road, Suite 100; Tucson, Arizona 85706. In the USA, telephone (800) 685-9911 (Sales and Information) or fax (520) 573-0522. Outside the USA, telephone (520) 573-0887 or fax (520) 573-0522. Visit their web site at: http//;

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